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  • Rubberbanditz Parallette, Parallel Bars & Dip Station | at Home Gym Workout Equipment, L-Sit Bars & Calisthenics Equipment for Home. Perfect for Push Ups, Dips, Handstands & Gymnastics.

    GREAT ADDITION FOR ANY HOME GYM | Building a home gym? You need the right home equipment – These versatile parallettes pushup bars allow you to perform several upper body exercises from the comfort of your home – size: 16 x 8.5 x 9 in with a 1.3 in diameter tube – Each parallette is made of industrial-grade solid steel
    EXTREMELY VERSATILE | Portable and versatile enough to handle various upper body workouts – These parallettes provide a convenient all in one exercise solution for CrossFit, gymnastics and calisthenics bodyweight training movements – use the added eBook for exercise instructions and body weight workout tips on push-up / planche training
    SOLID CONSTRUCTION FOR MAX DURABILITY | These heavy duty parallettes are manufactured with industrial grade steel and engineered with a solid design for best in class durability and uncompromising performance – They feature detailed welding and non-skid feet for maximum safety and eliminated slippage during exercise