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  • Organic Herbal Supplement Drink Mix – Digestive support, Probiotic and Fruit Enzymes, Pure Ginger and Papaya Fruit Extract Pineapple Flavor-15 packets

    DIGESTIVE SUPPPORT SUPPLEMENT SATCHETS: Zoganic s fruitZip LOW CALORIE sachets are packed with probiotics, enzymes & other nutrient-rich ingredients for a sweet & delicious drink that aids the digestive system. Just mix the powder with water and you get the double benefit of a rejuvenating tropical drink + a digestive aid
    PROBIOTIC & ENZYME BLEND FOR DIGESTION: fruitZip pineapple mix boasts a rich combination of digestive supporting ingredients including a probiotic blend, pineapple juice powder, papaya, ginger and more. It is high in fiber and enzymes and is sweetened with stevia resulting in a naturally refreshing digestive aid.
    AIDS THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM & GUT HEALTH: The enzymes, probiotic blend, pineapple and papaya in the sachet all work together to reduce gas & bloating while helping your digestive system break down and absorb proteins from the foods you eat as well as supports the GI microflora balance.